Meeting Log 07.11.2010 - 20:00 / mumble

Present: Apophis, Corvus, Exception, cockroach, dergringo


Lead meeting: Corvus

Log writer: dergringo


I = Information

D = Discussion

V = Vote

Status Reports [I]

Every DI Sub Project gives a short overview about the things that were going on.

<li><p>Mail -> cockroach</p>
<p>cockroach: Mail runs</p></li>
<li><p>Web -> Apophis</p>
<p>Apophis: Mail runs</p></li>
<li><p>E-Voting (PiVote) -> Simon Rupf</p>
<p>Exception: There is now a LeChucky plugin for votes. While testing we were able to find and fix many bugs.</p></li>
<li><p>MemberDB/LDAP/MDBGui -> Corvus</p>
<p>Corvus: We recently switched to a new LDAP schema. MDBGui now features a overworked mockup design. dergringo: CRUD for MDBGui is almost ready.</p></li>

Requests [D,V]

Zentrale Buchhaltung | xGhost

bc. We agreed on using Herman for this task as accounting goes well with member administration.
The SSH tunnels were accepted though the AG DI prefers direct connections to the PgSQL using client certificates.

Next Meeting [D]

bc. Sunday, 21.11.10 / 20:00 Mumble

Varia [I, D]