Protokoll der Präsidiumssitzung

  • Ort: Mumble
  • Datum: 23.07.2013
  • Zeit: 21:07 CEST
  • Ende: 21:38 CEST
  • Leitung: Alexis Roussel
  • Protokoll: Ralph Mattli (Aktuar) / Simone Gabathuler


  • Alexis Roussel (ALR)
  • Fabien Wulff Georges(FWG)


  • Ralph Mattli (RMA)(entschuldigt)
  • Charly Pache (CPA) (entschuldigt)
  • Marc Wäckerlin (MWA) (entschuldigt)
  • Pascal Gloor (entschuldigt)


Pirat Party Switzerland Law Federal Level

Information von: ALR

19.07 send. We ask for code source public, structure in public. 2 days later, a hacker in geneva found a solution to go in to the server via Java.
Statement: Our proposition was better than the propotion from the green.
Feedback: We need to change the law, and we stop until we have a proper system.


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Promote prostitution position #5573

eingereicht von: Valio


[1] The board votes whether the declaration of the rights of European Sex Workers should be supported ( ).
[1a] If supported, the board decides whether the Pirate Party of Switzerland shall apply for membership at the ICRSE.
[2] The board assures a message is been written to that we more or less verbatim copied their manifesto (+ probably [1]) as party position
[2a] In aforementioned message the board notes that the Pirate Party of Switzerland is open for collaboration and support.
[3] The board assures that a communique is written and released on the website.
[3a] The board assures that the communique is send out as a press release.
[4] The board assures that it invests a sufficient amount of resources in order to attempt getting the position covered by the PirateTimes; this could be done by a press release, but probably better on a more communicative base (e.g. an offer for an interview).

Reasoning in general
I consider the adoption of the position was badly promoted up to now; it could have been a PR "hit" due to it's societal controversy and also be established by networking at a level that doesn't make it quasi obsolete within a short timespan as hardly anyone remembers or even mentions it. Furthermore at the moment the media is rather willing to publish such stories due to the silly season (called "Sommerloch" in German).
Reasoning in particular
[1] Given our adopted positions on prostitution and civic rights, I assume that we cover (almost?) all positions in the declaration, but lack the formal endorsement of it.
[1a] The application criteria for membership eligibility are:
Support sex worker self-organising
Oppose criminalization of sex work
Endorsement of the [ICRSE] Declaration and the Manifesto
Given our adopted positions on prostitution and civic rights, I assume that we fulfill all criteria except the one formal endorsement of the declaration. The ICRSE-membership is without any fee and would facilitate future networking, monitoring of relevant information and establish the PPS as a Swiss organization that truely wants to improve the situation.
[2] Even if [1] and/or [1a] won't be approved - thus not becoming ICRSE member - this would be an opportunity for networking and information monitoring.
[2a] The commitment and visibility of the PPS to the issue, can only be guaranted in the longterm by showing a minimal amount of willingness to at least consider supporting the cause at an organized level. Thus it makes sense to directly mention that the PPS would be willing to collaborate and support to the extend that is feasible. E.g. recently we could have directly promoted protests that were in some European cities, but Switzerland.
[3] Given we are to adopt positions of interest, we should be interested into making them visible to a broader audience of our website visitors.
[3a] Given that we missed to advertise the slightly controversial topic in an obvious way to the media previously, we may now take advantage of the current the silly season in order to gain more media visibility.
[4] Given we deem positions we agreed upon to be in accordance with the pirate spirit, to be of international relevance and to be novel on a certain scale in the field of politics and/or the pirate movement, we should be spreading them as well inside the movement; simply because pirates share the view that good ideas should be copied, and we naturally deem our ideas within the PPS to be "good" in general. The PirateTimes appears to be the best place for doing that because it tries to address the whole pirate movement and aims to be on a rather journalistic "neutral" level (e.g. in contrast to which is rather aiming to be a propaganda website).

  • *ARU:We have to take this point to the next meeting because we need a feedback from AG PPP. The Manifesto we allready support. *
  • *FWU: Yes after the feedback of AG PPP
*Did we take point Membership and the discussion "deklaration of rights" to the next meeting ?
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eingereicht von von: PMA

Motion zu Abschaffung der Wehrpflicht. Referendum kam zustande.



eingereicht von von: ALR

Übersetzung des Communiques wurde auf Website publiziert jedoch wurde diese nicht an die Jounalisten geschickt. Die nächste Sitzung der AG PR ist am Mo dabei soll eine neue Vorgehensweise gefunden werden damit dies nicht nochmals passiert.

Fragen der Mitglieder

Frage: Ist das Referendum zustande gekommen*
eingereicht durch: Thomas

Guillaume: Form, Inaltlich war ok und wird weiter betreut.


Schluss und nächste Sitzung

Sitzung wird durch den Sitzungsleiter geschlossen um 21:38.

Die nächste Sitzung ist am 30.07.2013 in Mumble um 21:00.

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