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Motion pour la révocation du tribunal du Parti Pirate Suisse

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15 September 2013
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Antragsteller: Pilar Ackermann

---- Weitergeleitete Nachricht von Pilar AckermannPilar

Von: Pilar AckermannPilar
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Datum: 2013-09-14 04:20:02

Dear Pirates,

I have the pleasure to submit to the "Commission des motions" a request concerning the abolition of the "Tribunal du Parti Pirate Suisse". To give reasons why a party, but in particular a Pirate Party, should proceed without such structure as a Tribunal, I will just give below four intellectual items which I consider illustrate well the fundamental values of the pirates, making useless such a restrictive entity and giving complete free interpretation to all pirates, crossing all kind of restrictive borders for the "noble" improvement of our societies, thus dignifying the work of different "actors". As an "independent" pirate myself, I love and enjoy learning from others and wish nobody, except awful criminals of course :), gets trapped in a "guilt procedure" in anyway, keeping the freedom to express her/himself to support essential political battles for worldwide communities.

(I will try to translate in german before the 28th and in case I will not be at the assembly, our president Alexis Roussel kindly accepted to introduce my request)

A - Programme législature Genève - Société.

Le bien être d'un individu est le but d'une société inclusive. Une société inclusive cherche à fournir à l'ensemble des individus les moyens pour contribuer à leur bien-être.

Pour le Parti Pirate, l'indépendance de la Justice doit être garantie vis à vis du politique.

Afin de conserver une procédure à visage humain, tous les éléments touchant directement au parcours de l'individu au sein de la Justice est de la responsabilité de l'Etat. (non pas d'un parti politique)

Il est essentiel de garantir l'égalité de traitement et le respect des droits humains.

Le Parti Pirate adhère au projet européen. Il est nécessaire de participer activement à la construction de l'avenir de l'Europe.

L'individu doit pouvoir prendre pleinement sa place dans la société et pouvoir y contribuer sans barrières issues de l'ensemble des discriminations. L'inclusion de l'individu doit se faire par la reconnaissance de ses spécificités, tout en lui permettant une socialisation active dans la mesure de ses capacités et de sa volonté. Une société inclusive c'est une société sans privilèges, exclusivités et exclusions. Chacun de nous est héritier de ce que la société a de meilleur et de plus noble.

Chacun de nous a droit à la prévention en termes de santé. (Un Tribunal, ça fout en l'air la santé)

B - Rick Falkvinge "swarmwise"

On June 7, 2009, the Swedish Pirate Party got 225,915 votes in the European elections, becoming the largest party in the most coveted subthirty demographic. Our campaign budget was fifty thousand euros. Our competitors had spent six million. We had spent less than 1 percent of their budget and still beat them, giving us a cost-efficiency advantage ofover two orders of magnitude. This was entirely due to working swarmwise, and the methods can translate to almost any organized large-scale activity. This book is about that secret sauce.
A swarm organization is a decentralized, collaborative effort of volunteers that looks like a hierarchical, traditional organization from the outside. It is built by a small core of people that construct a scaffolding of go-to people, enabling a large number of volunteers to cooperate on a common goal in quantities of people not possible before the net was available.
Working with a swarm requires you to do a lot of things completely opposite from what you learn at an archetypal business school. You need to release the control of your brand and its messages. You need to delegate authority to the point where anybody can make almost any decision for the entire organization. You need to accept and embrace that people in the organization will do exactly as they please, and the only way to lead is to inspire them to want to go where you want the organization as a whole to go.
It is only as you release that control, the kind of control that organizations and managers have held close to heart for centuries, that you can reap the benefits of the swarm: the same cost-efficiency advantage and execution-speed advantage against the competition that the Swedish Pirate Party enjoyed.
C - Falkvinge's kind and respectfull reply on Facebook, to my request on his views concerning a "Tribunal" inside a party structure.

Rick Falkvinge
Different cultures in Europe have different requirements on this. Some legislatures require a Court of Arbitration for nonprofit organizations. Other than that, I am very much in favor of a do-ocracy or meritocracy, and I write much more about that in Swarmwise.


Rick Falkvinge
Most parties seem to have this function built into the overall decision process. When you say "judge" somebody, that seems to have a number of different meanings - I am assuming it is a matter that relates to the organization as such, like spending funds without permission or similar.


Rick Falkvinge
If that is the case, the organization needs to investigate the matter and then hand it over to the courts (the real courts). Other than that, I don't really like a decision instance in a party being called a court.

D - The very wise statement by Honoré de Balzac published on Facebook by our dear Grégoire Barbey just tonight/morning :)

Grégoire Barbey

«Un homme qui se vante de ne jamais changer d'opinion est un homme qui se charge d'aller toujours en ligne droite, un niais qui croit à l'infaillibilité.
Il n'y a pas de principes, il n'y a que des événements; il n'y a pas de lois, il n'y a que des circonstances: l'homme supérieur épouse les événements et les circonstances pour les conduire. S'il y avait des principes et des lois fixes, les peuples n'en changeraient pas comme nous changeons de chemises.» Honoré de Balzac

Thank you pirates for the consideration you will give to my request :)

Pilar Ackermann

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IMO this request should be rejected. It does not fulfill the requirements as stated in the Versammlungsordnung. Neither is there a conclusive argumentation in favor of the motion nor are the articles to be revised specified.

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see #5815

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It does not fulfill the requirements as stated in the Versammlungsordnung. Neither is there a conclusive argumentation in favor of the motion nor are the articles to be revised specified.


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