Task / Tâche #4135

Updated by corvus over 11 years ago

h2. Steps 

 What steps did you followed? 

 # logged in project 
 # entered de section-ti project/settings/members/ 
 # in _new -new member field_ field- searched members: rodrigo, zuzzu, user38, jay, angelus, iVanQaos, Anna La Volpe, don knox 

 h2. Observation 

 What has happened? 

 * I couldn't find this members even if they result in our official member list 

 h2. Expectation 

 What have you expected to happen? 

 * to find them and add them as project members to help us going forward :) 
 * in particular I need zuzzu and rodrigo added, they must help us to prepare all things right for our assembly 

 Please use an appropriate category below to be sure the ticket will be assigned to the right person. 
 *I guess this is redmine, if not I exscuse myself in advance for the mistake 

 Don't forget to ad a Screenshot!-done 

 Thanks for your support, we know you have a lot to do 
 ciao ;)