Migration Status

Section Sites

Site Status New Host Comment
Aargau Finished webwp-5-p, (webwp-6-p) Needs DNS configuration of #5107
Beider Basel Finished webwp-7-p, (webwp-8-p)
Bern Finished webwp-9-p, (webwp-10-p) Needs DNS configuration of #5106
Freiburg Finished webwp-23-p, (webwp-24-p)
Genf Finished webwp-13-p, (webwp-14-p)
Zentralschweiz Finished webwp-3-p, (webwp-4-p)
Neuchatel Finished webwp-15-p, (webwp-16-p)
St. Gallen & beide Appenzell Finished webwp-17-p, (webwp-18-p)
Thurgau & Schaffhausen Finished webwp-19-p, (webwp-20-p)
Vaud Finished webwp-21-p, (webwp-22-p)
Wallis Finished webwp-25-p, (webwp-26-p)
Zürich Finished webwp-11-p, (webwp-12-p) During content migration done by the section itself, available at
Winterthur Finished webwp-27-p, (webwp-28-p)
Stadt Zürich Finished webwp-29-p, (webwp-30-p)


Site Status New Host Comment
crm Won't do (webdrupal-7-p), webdrupal-8-p Last usage was on 21.10.2012 by Abnaxos. Abnaxos did't responded
d7 Won't do Currently no development
elections11 Finished webwp-31-p, (webwp-32-p)
elections2011 Won't do Duplicate of elections11
equipment Finished (webdrupal-3-p), webdrupal-4-p
fedback Won't do
music Finished (webdrupal-9-p), webdrupal-10-p
payment Won't do
podcast Finished webwp-33-p, (webwp-34-p)
register Finished (webdrupal-11-p), webdrupal-12-p
wahlen-zh Won't do (webredaxo-1-p), webredaxo-2-p I could not found a DNS record anymore. There weren't any complaints so not needed any more.


Site Status New Host Comment
Live Finished (webdrupal-5-p), webdrupal-6-p Proxy and DNS done.
Staging Won't Do On demand when new development starts.

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