Meeting Log 26.10.2009 / mumble

Present: Apophis, Exception, Fab_Reload, Ghoja, Nyuu, Simon Rupf, cockroach, dEXtern1ty, The3rdBIT

Excused: Silvermind

Lead Meetings: Ghoja

Log writer: Apophis


  • Status AG DI
  • Taskforce AG DI, a mailaddress where the AG DI can react fast, I need someone who could replace me in an emergency. Yes this means: more passwords and more responsobility, I still would like to take this on in the near future. (legitimation - vote)
  • we probably need a changelog of what we have done or not done. Maybe some kind of a Tasklist, I personally tend to use a simple Bugtracker for that. (Maybe include other AG's Aswell (Ceds Idea)) [currently PHP only, no ruby or python, for obvious reasons]
  • email: - needs to be discussed with SciFi too. I will ask him before our meeting.
  • Wiki : Cite Plugin - ... ite.php/de (already installed: 23.Oct.09)
  • CalDav Plugin: ? (Has someone interest here?)
  • Updatemanagment
    • Update Wiki
    • Update Forum
  • Review Rightsmanagment ( we have a problem on Drupal : Regions )
  • Member DB : not much news, but the3rdbit seems to have taken action to push for a solution
  • Links to the different regions on the main page.. (we are out of space, and the new design have to be considered)
  • After reviewing the rights managment, we should grant all users write access to existing threads in the announcements forum if possible, as specified in following thread: viewtopic.php?f=135&t=1455 ( funny thing is: it was the Board which did that )
  • What do we think about a move to another webhost?
  • Split Zürich / Winterthur - Thurgau /Schaffhausen
  • whats better: regular meeting ( 2 or 4 weeks ) or as needed like atm.
  • Varia


Ghoja: A buglist would be better than a mail. cockroach gets voted with no vote against that. He will be the substitute in an emergency.


We are in fond of a bugtracker and would like to share

<hr />

  • traq -> python

Bugtracker on our server might be exactly needed when our server is down.

  • when we get a server? probably not that fast.
  • Do we need a bugtracker or another tool?

We'd like to use traq without a voice against is.

we need a server

python applications : traq, webirc mumble video (ftp)


was accepted

Cite Plugin


CalDav Plugin

done ( just one day is visible but works ) Apophis: I'll look into the view.

Update Managment

-> Wiki needs -> Updates schedule in the Bugtracker -> Apophis and SimonRupf will look into it


We shoud have more granularity in drupal access Request for more granularity in drupal ( forum -> Apophis ) Role based Rightsaccess ( exception )

Member DB

the3bit was absent at that point, but they are working out. Mutation Management? TBD

Links to regions

Yes, we will add them, but there needs to be content on it or the new design.


yes: 3 no: 1 abstenstions: 1 therefore it will be done if possible

Another webhost

Another webhost is not the solution, we run on the limits of a webhoster - we need a real server. A webhost will always have problems with sites the size of, and its too much work.

Split Zürich / Winterthur - Thurgau /Schaffhausen

new board / group / forum / news

regular meeting or as needed

regular meeting : every 4 weeks, and as needed.

next meeting: 23rd November 20:00 2009


We need a real server!

meeting end - 21:30

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