Meeting Log 7.12.2009 - 20:00 / mumble

Present: Apophis, Vanadis, Corvus, Exception, Ghoja, Simon Rupf, cockroach, dEXtErn1ty, gwrtheyrn

Excused: dergringo

Lead meeting: Simon Rupf

Log writer: Apophis


  • The last proposal for a server wasn't a success, re-request to the committee
  • ICTC: what it is? what we need? what are the plans? what should be the status between DI and ICTC.
  • My resignation as AG DI leader, my last priorities and an overview.
  • Hopefully some talk with dergringo, cockroach and Corvus about the future of the AG DI.
  • Varia


  • Hetzner (no limit of 6667 anymore)
  • Init 7 (there is not root server anymore?)
  • Metanet (doesn't allow any IRC Services)

What about server housing.


ICTC = Information Communiation Technology Conception

Long time planning for the PPS Services.

Data Model, Security, Planning, Documentation.

AG MDB is the primary issue at the moment. Authentication to all systems through.


Apophis: After my election into the committee I want to give up my role as AG DI leader. It was a very nice time, sometime pretty stressful, and not everything went completely fine. We still don't have a server is probably the most obvious one. I am sure we will solve this now rather quickly, and I will be there as a help when we will move. But I will be part of AG DI for the foreseeable future. I want to thank everybody for their work :) we'll stay in contact.

My last priorities are mainly to get the new website design ready. There were quite a few projects during the last few months. The Forum movement, the IRC move including a web interface, multiple blogs a new bug tracker to just name a few.

Future AG DI

dergringo will probably lead the AG DI with Corvus as his helper especially conceptually. dergringo has all the knowledge, since it was his infrastructure for a long time. Therefore it will take less time to overtake the lead.


  • How to handle the website design? Bug tracker:
  • Can the Issues be visible in the bug tracker: yes, make a bug report. Just a rights problem.
  • Are there any projects for the movement of the server? virtualisation needed!

next meeting

  • next meeting on the 21st December 20:00

meeting end - 20:40

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