Meeting Log 10.01.2010 - 20:00 / NEW mumble

Present: Apophis, cockroach, Corvus, dergringo

Excused: danilo

Lead meeting: dergringo

Log writer: dergringo


Status Reports


Apophis: nothing happened since the last meeting


cockroach: got in contact with the Syncom project. Still planning.



The services will be installed on the server in the following order; 1. Virtualization 2. Webserver 3. Mailserver 4. Varia (Mumble, etc.) All participants agreed on this.


We were not able to choose a solution due to lack of experience and know-how. For the meeting taking place next week dergringo will create a wiki page including a comparison table. cockroach will fill in the facts about openVZ while dergringo collects information about KVM and Xen.


Vote: Do you agree on using postfix + dovecot + roundcube ? Yes: 3 No: 0 Abstention: 1 -> Accepted

Spam Problem (Drupal)

We will switch from existing math captcha to image captchas. Apophis will do this.

Mailing-Tool (requested by Abnaxos)

Vote: Do you agree on installing phplist ? Yes: 4 No: 0 Abstention: 0 -> Accepted


Liquid Democracy

dergringo recommended to take a look at the concept.

List Service on Own Server?

cockroach asked if we install our own mailinglist-server or if we ask the PPD to use their. -> We'll install our own, but use the news server from Germany

End of meeting: 20:55

Next meeting: 17.01.10 / 20:00

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