Meeting Log 07.02.2010 - 20:00 / mumble

Present: Apophis, Corvus, Vanadis, cockroach, danilo, dergringo, quiqum, Simon Rupf

Excused: ghoja

Lead meeting: Vanadis

Log writer: dergringo


  • Status reports: root server, mailing lists, e-voting, drupal2.0, redesign website
  • Some users ask for a file server to exchange and store documents.
  • We got a sponsoring offer from OpenExchange, but we already voted for a dovecot-postfix-stack.
  • "Spendenbarometer": We need one for the wiki and the main page.
  • New "Pflichtenheft" for the AG DI is here.
  • Restructuring of the AG DI.
  • How to deal with SSL? Self signed vs cacert vs. dummysave
  • Varia: Change CMS?

Status Reports

Root Server

dergringo: We are currently testing and configuring the virtual server. But we need a monitoring solution.

After a discussion the participants agreed on choosing munin. Hopfully migration will be completed on 1st March.

Mailing Lists

cockroach: I did not have the time the last days. It's better now, I will continue working on this project.


Apophis and Simon Rupf report that they were able to solve some problems and the enthusiasm is back again.

Drupal 2.0

Apophis: No installation on a PPS server, yet. But my personal test installation runs.

Redesign Website

dergringo: We are almost done. But there are some bugs that need to get fixed.

File Server

dergringo presented the requirements set by the users. The participants then had a long discussion about it. It was decided to use the wiki for some kind of files while using the file server for other file types (bigger ones). Vanadis will create a draft for the rules of file storage for the next meeting. It will include file types as well as file sizes and the type of hosting for each of them (wiki or file server).

Open Exchange

dergringo presented the sponsorship offering from OX. During the discussion there were two major downsides that came up: None of the participants has experience with this product and OX offers two many possibilities for the users. The AG DI voted on "Do we want to switch to OX?".

Yes: 0

No: 3

So we do not switch to OX.


Corvus mentions that a webapp for creating "Spendenbarometers" might be a good solution. Danilo will create a function to generate these "Spendenbarometers" from GET variables. Dergringo will talk to xGhost about the possibility for centralized access to donation status.

New Pflichtenheft

dergringo informed the AG DI about the existence of a new AG DI Pflichtenheft.

New AG DI structure

The participants didn't accept the proposal by dergringo. Instead they agreed on having Apophis as the responsible webmaster and cockroach as the responsible postmaster.


Since we need wildcard certificates and client authentication the participants agreed on setting up a CA and use it for SSL certs.


  • dergringo asked if anybody knows a "better" CMS than Drupal. None of the participants knew one so we will stick with Drupal.
  • Apophis asked for the status of member DB. Corvus estimated that member DB may be ready in about 2 months. He also pointed to the upcoming AG Member DB meeting.

Next Meeting: February, 21st 2010

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