Meeting Log 21.02.2010 - 20:00 / mumble

Present: Apophis, cockroach, dergringo, Corvus, Exception, Vanadis


Lead meeting: Apophis

Log writer: dergringo


  • Status reports: root server, mailing lists, e-voting,
  • drupal2.0, redesign website
    • Complete overhaul, removing old dependencies, wipe userbase
    • Defining user roles!
  • memberDB
    • LDAP Integration Drupal 2.0
    • CiviCRM?
  • File server: Upload rules (Proposal: Dateiformate created by Vanadis)
  • How do we handle DNS? (esp: Secondary DNS)
    • we have 8 Domains which should be in accordance to each other.
  • Exception (GPK) as security officer
    • Status of CA?
  • Mail-Server: Managing the 8 domains? ( at least 2 )
    • Quota per User, IMAP only?
    • Interface to change passwords for the users?
  • Non disclosure agreements
    • Backup?

Status reports

Root Server

dergringo: we are migrating right now

Mailing Lists

cockroach: ready to get tested. Syncom pending.


Exception: Currently working a lot on this project. Might take some time upon completion

Drupal / Redesign Website

Apophis: Drupal theme is being recreated with the Zen theme as a starting point.


Corvus: Testsetup running. Needs some configuration and more testing. User will be able to authenticate using OpenID where LDAP integration unavailable. CiviCRM will not be used.

File Server

All participants agree on creating a list by file category instead of file type and to upload multimedia stuff to the file server while uploading others to wiki. Vanadis will update the list


dergringo will create a comparison of available DNS propositions. is still not under our control. This will be a problem when switching the mail server.

Security Officer

Exception was voted as the "Security & Privacy Officer" without any dissenting vote. The SAPO is responsible for the CA, the server's security and the users' privacy. Therefore the SAPO gets root access.


Exception: CA is running and client certificates have been commited. Also server certificates are available. The CA is located on a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu on it. The stick is encrypted.


There was a vote on 'Do we want to have non disclosure agreements?': Yes: 4

No: 1

Abstention: 1

So we don't want to have or sign any kind of contracts relating this issue.

Next meeting: Monday, 08.03.2010, 20:00

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