Meeting Log 22.03.2010 - 20:00 / mumble

Present: Apophis, Corvus, Exception, Vanadis, cockroach, dergringo

Excused: Simon Rupf

Lead meeting: Corvus

Log writer: dergringo


Status Reports

<li><p>Drupal NG</p>
<p>Apophis: svn2web is running css fixes are missing migration to Drupal 2.0 will take place on the Easter weekend</p></li>
<li><p>Mail migration</p>
<p>cockroach: Mail is running</p></li>
<p>Exception: Next steps are testing, GUI improvements and some minor features No deadline has been set yet Apophis: There are some compilation errors</p></li>
<li><p>Member DB</p>
<p>Current status can be found here:;DB/Protokoll&#95;20100314 and also in the forum.</p></li>

Media Hosting

In previous meetings we were talking about media hosting on wiki and file server. Now there is also the wish for a gallery.

<li><p>Do we want to host photos?</p>
<p>Vote results: Yes: 2 No: 2 Abs: 2</p>
<p>The request was denied. So no media hosting.</p></li>

New Forum

The current forum software (phpBB3) is very hard to maintain. The reason for this is that phpBB is not offering a real plugin system with hooks and callbacks. Instead one need to modify the source which makes updating a pain. There is an extension ("AutoMod") that does the modification of the source for you but you have to create mods in the ModX format. Instead of creating crappy mods for phpBB, I (dergringo) suggest to switch the forum software to MyBB (open source vbulletin-like) and then create mods for it. I have already tested the migration from phpBB to myBB and it worked with out any problems.

<li><p>Do you agree on switching the forum software?</p>
<p>Vote results Yes: 5 Abs: 1</p>
<p>The request was accepted. We'll switch the forum software.</p></li>
<li><p>What mods need to be created?</p>
<p>dergringo will create a forum thread to get some feedback of what features the user would like to have.</p></li>

New Wiki Skin

Currently we are using mediawiki 1.15. Our skin is based on the default skin of the <=1.15 development. Mediawiki has done a lot of research in usability and sexyness and the new version (1.16) comes with a completely redisigned skin named Vector (preview: Users have been complaining a lot about the lack of usability. So this would be a good chance to fill this gap.

<li><p>Do you agree on switching to the new skin?</p>
<p>Vote results Yes: 6</p>
<p>The request was accepted we will switch to a new wiki skin.</p></li>


DNS Server Switch

<li><p>When should this take place?</p>
<p>dergringo: As soon as possible.</p></li>
<li><p>What procedure is planed?</p>
<p>dergringo: Just do the switch.</p></li>


  • How to proceed?

Open Discussion

Media Hosting

  • How to proceed?

Open Discussion


The "Spendenbarometer" should be placed somewhere. The idea is to put it on murray reachable under

<li><p>Should the Spendenbarometer be placed under this URL?</p>
<p>There was no point against. So yes.</p></li>
<li><p>Should this URL be used for all future similar tools?</p>

Intrusion Detection System

Open Discussion about usefulness of internal and external IDS such as Samhain and Snort

bc. Might be a good idea but at the moment there is no need for it and requires a lot of work.


A short survey to everyone

<li><p>Can the actual Infrastructure be reproduced upon the existing documentation?</p>
<p>NO! Never ever!</p></li>

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