Meeting Log 14.06.2010 - 20:00 / mumble

Present: Apophis, Corvus, Simon_Rupf, Vanadis, dergringo

Lead meeting: Corvus

Log writer: dergringo


I = Information

D = Discussion

V = Vote

Status Reports [I]

Every DI Sub Project gives a short overview about the things that were going on.

<li><p>Mail -> cockroach</p>
<p>cockroach is busy with Italy vs. Paraguay. But we all know the status (it works).</p></li>
<li><p>Web -> Apophis</p>
<p>The issue which prevent the first login / password sending (BUG 25) is getting an issue - more and more people try to login and fail miserably - I know its part of mdbgui, but this really should be the first implemented feature. There are still some design issues in pirate 2, however it's now suitable for general usage.</p></li>
<li><p>E-Voting (PiVote) -> Exception/SimonRupf/Apophis</p>
<p>Simon Rupf: Working on the user interface, presentation on the Cosin planned, planning of handling certification requests at the pirate assembly in autumn. We wait for the translations by AG T&T.</p></li>
<li><p>MemberDB/LDAP/MDBGui -> Corvus</p>
<p>1 person per week asks for Drupal access.</p></li>

Drupal Image Hosting [I,D,V] | dergringo

According to the decision made on last meeting, Apophis will show his research done on Drupal image upload and Gallery.

Apophis: Here is the collected Research I did: [Project Drupal Album](/wiki/Project_Drupal_Album) There are many solutions and they have all their advantages and disadvantages.
I think the choice will be Between Imagefield (with or without Views Gallery) and Gallery 2 - I don't see a reason for using the Image module.

&quot;For each solution: Do you want to use this solution?&quot;-vote results:
Image: 5x No
Imagefield: 4x Yes / 1x No
Views Gallery: 4x Yes / 1x No
Gallery 2: 4x Yes / 1x No
Gallery 3: 2x No / 3x Yes

In the second vote round the combination Imagefield/Views Gallery was voted with one voice

Requests [D,V]

Rechte Leiter AG Text und Übersetzungen | rettichschnidi


This will be probably reflect in the Roles Texter and Translator.

Apophis: This will be probably reflect in the Roles Texter and Translator.
Vote: 5x Yes

Corvus will contact rettichschnidi and fulfills the task.

Next Meeting [D]

bc. 05.07.2010 / 20:00 Mumble

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