Meeting Log 27.09.2010 - 20:00 / mumble

Present: Clément, Corvus, Exception, Simon_Rupf, Vanadis, dergringo

Signed-off: Apophis, cockroach

Lead meeting: Corvus

Log writer: dergringo


I = Information

D = Discussion

V = Vote

Status Reports [I]

Every DI Sub Project gives a short overview about the things that were going on.

<li><p>Mail -> cockroach</p>
<p>cockroach: As for the activity/status update: mail works. Also, mailing lists for the BE and ZH sections are up & running.</p></li>
<li><p>Web -> dergringo (Apophis)</p>
<p>dergringo: Preview of the new forum available: Vanadis: Web works.</p></li>
<li><p>E-Voting (PiVote) -> Exception</p>
<p>Exception: There is a bad bug causing segmentation faults. There will be a new client available in about two weeks. Simon Rupf: We look for package maintainers as already posted on the forum.</p></li>
<li><p>MemberDB/LDAP/MDBGui -> Corvus</p>
<p>Corvus: I was in the military. And dergringo has not done anything. We will discuss this later.</p></li>

Activity [I]

Dergringo will send an email to all "members" of DI to find out who is active and who isn't.

Inactive members will be kicked out and will get their permissions removed. They may re-join at any time.

bc. Corvus: What is the time frame for this?
dergringo: I will send the mails during the next week and then wait for the answer for about two weeks.

Sections [D,V]

To sections, what services do we...

<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;">

List of services: Website, Forum, Wiki, DNS (Subdomain), Mail, Mumble, IRC, MemberDB, SSL Authority, Bugtracking/Project Management, Service-Hosting (Games, Apps, etc.)

Since there was a lot discussed ans said, only the results are published here. Also note: everything that is provided by us is also supported.

Section-IT-Guy: Every section must provide a person that acts as a mediator for technical purposes between the AG DI and the section.
 He is also the one that will get passwords and permissions.

Website: We provide a Drupal installation to each section. Those instances are running on an own VM (single VM for all the sections).

Forum: Official Sections' forums are moved from the subcategory &quot;Regions&quot; to &quot;Sections&quot; and will have their own admins and mods.

Wiki: Sections get their own namespace.

DNS: Every section gets a &quot;Kantonskürzel&quot;-subdomain on our 8 major domains.

Mail: The IT Guy can request e-mail addresses from the postmaster. E-mail addresses for persons will not be given on subdomain level,
 while addresses for roles or units will not be given on global domains. Those subdomain addresses will always be forwardings.
 Examples of allowed addresses that can be given to sections: (person -&gt; global domain level) (organisational -&gt; subdomain level -&gt; redirects to an existing email address) (role -&gt; subdomain level -&gt; redirects to an existing email address)

Mumble: No static channels will be created for sections. Every user that has registered itself with the mumble server is able to
 create dynamic channels inside &quot;PPS Meetings&quot; and &quot;PPS Chat&quot;.

IRC: Everyone is able to create channels on IRC we don't provide or support them.

MemberDB: Sections are integrated into the existing MDB. They may administer their members (and only them) using the MdbGui.
 No access to admin subdomain (phpldapadmin) will be granted. Until MdbGui has reached a productive stage, the actuary will
 take care of the mutations for sections.

SSL: topic ignored. We handle this on request if needed.

BT/PM: Sections are free to use our redmine. There will be no special categories and stuff. They may also request projects on the tracker.

Hosting: topic ignored. We handle this on request if needed.

Requests [D,V]

Pi-Vote Server | Exception

Da Pi-Vote immer noch auf lechuck läuft beantrage ich hiermit eine VM speziell für Pi-Vote.

bc. Vote: 2 Abstention (Clément, Vanadis), 5 Yes
The request was accepted.
dergringo will get in touch with Exception and create the VM for him.

Sektionen aus Sicht der DI | Vanadis

Ich beantrage hiermit, dass die technischen Vorraussetzungen für die kommenden Sektionen diskutiert und festgelegt werden:

  • Webspace und (Sub-)Domains - MemberDB - Mumble-Channel - Mailadressen

(Liste höchstwahrscheinlich unvollständig)

bc. Vanadis: Since we already discussed this topic in an own issue, my request can be ignored.
Request was ignored and not handled.

Mailingliste für Rüebliländler | Lukas_Cranach

Antrag einer Mailingliste für Aargauer Piraten.

Für die Organisation rund um den Stammtisch im Kanton Aargau wäre eine Mailingliste von Vorteil da wir nicht alles im öffentlichen Forum posten wollen.

bc. Vote: 1 No (dergringo), 6 Yes
Request accepted.
The mailing list will be created but it won't be secret. Anyone is able to join.

Next Meeting [D]

bc. 10.10.2010 / 20:00 Mumble
Since some members complaining about Mondays to meet, dergringo will send a Doodle to the AG DI to find a better day.

Varia [I, D]

<li>Revisiting HTTPS-certificate situation: In connection with the release of the PiVote-Client, we were approuched by multiple persons (some even filed bugs) about the currently used certificate on It uses the wrong CN ( and is, of course, not signed by one of the "known" CAs. Since we already discussed this topic and found that we can not yet afford a commercial wildcard certificate a the moment, we could discuss about the following measures:
<li>permit unencrypted HTTP-Traffic on - simple fix for download-links, developers may still use encryption for logins etc.</li>
<li>fix the CN and provide a public download-location for the root certificate on the website (drupal), explaining how to install this root certificate in different browsers (IE, FF, Ch., Sa., Op.), how to use it to encrypt traffic to the pirate party (Mail, HTTPS) and why this might be desirable (concealing political activity, passwords, etc.).</li>

SSL will be set to optional on dev.pp. And we also start some kind of campaign to promote our CA root certificate.</li>

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