Meeting Log 10.10.2010 - 20:00 / mumble

Present: Corvus, Simon_Rupf, Vanadis, cockroach, dergringo

Signed-off: Exception

Lead meeting: Corvus

Log writer: dergringo


I = Information

D = Discussion

V = Vote

Status Reports [I]

Every DI Sub Project gives a short overview about the things that were going on.

<li><p>Mail -> cockroach</p>
<p>cockroach: Works! No spam filter related work done. dergringo: Since nothing happens let's abandon the spam filter thing.</p></li>
<li><p>Web -> Vanadis (Apophis)</p>
<p>Vanadis: I'm cleaning up the website. But I need some help from Apophis.</p></li>
<li><p>E-Voting (PiVote) -> Simon Rupf</p>
<p>Simon: Exception has released a new client and fixed a bug in the server. Also there is now a manual available which needs to be updated and worked on. dergringo: e-Voting is now running on it's own server</p></li>
<li><p>MemberDB/LDAP/MDBGui -> Corvus</p>
<p>Corvus: I reworked the schema. There was some programming work done by dergringo and me.</p></li>

Meetings on Sundays [I]

According to future AG DI meetings will take part on Sundays.

Next Meeting [D]

bc. Sunday, 24.10.10 / 20:00 Mumble

Varia [I, D]

Semantic Mediawiki

Introduction by Corvus

bc. + Structure
+ Easier redaction
+ Easier translation
+ Allows data aggregation
+ Allows preciser searching

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