AG DI Meeting vom 26. Mai 2013


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Ort: Mumble
Protokollant: Simon Rupf
Beginn: 19:00


No new feedback from Vanadis.
corvus: I hereby resign as member of the AG DI.
Oli: Last week we had different issues with the mailing setup. I got support in the AG DI, but some people in the party did not support us. We should not blame each other if something is not working. It is better to help each other out with the problems.
Cedric: Im sorry about getting mad about the email service. I still have problems with sending the emails.
Oli: We will look into the webmail problem. We had a problem with the directory-hashing of dovecot. The other problem was a missing domain name, we did not change. In my opinion the SPO is not responsible for the service availability.
Tuor: The SPO is responsible for security and privacy as by the Pflichtenheft of the AG DI.
Oli: The other problem we had was a TCP redirection from wally to our mailserver. Somebody used it to send spam emails through our mail server. Our mail queue was really full and therefore mail delevery was temporary suspended. Our mailserver got listed on one blacklist.
LuckyLuke: I had to send 1300 mails this week and it worked really well, but is a little bit slower because of the new requirement for TLS. I was not able to do anything on the LDAP migration this week and not today because I got disturbed as soon as I started working.
Exception: As of today, the mass mailer is working again. The problem was, that the app was no longer able to send anything without authentification.
Oli: Please dont use for internal apps, since this is the loadbalancer that requires authentification. Please use (as in the MX record) so you are directly connected to our mailserver, but it works only from inside of our network.

Traktanden / Varia

Migration of
The last access to was 21.10.2012. I suggest to do not migrate this site for it does not seems to be used anymore.
A mail to the last user accessed the site (Abnaxos) from the 23rd May remains unanswered.
All the other Websites have been moved to the new server.

Aktuelle Tickets

4889 Kantonssektion Zürich nach Wordpress migrieren corvus Needs Work
We have to inform zurich when our deadline for shutting down the old server so they can finish the migration until then. The DNS-Problem was fixed, but there is another problem.

5218 SPO access to infra New
Oli: Since it is not migration related i dont think this is a high priority.
Corvus & Tuor confirm that by the board and the Plichtenheft the SPO is granted access.
Lukas: The GL decided to delegate the decision to the AG DI.
There is an argument about the interpretation of the Pflichtenheft. After reviewing the Pflichtenheft, it seems to be clear that the SPO is granted access.
Lukas: The GL also decided that if Cedric helps in the migration the AG DI should priotorize this request.
Oli: Apart from granting the access itself, we also need time to introduce Cedric to the system.
Corvus: I would propose we provide access without giving the introduction now.
Oli: I dont want to be responsible for providing access to the servers without being able to introduce him properly.
Cedric: I do not agree.
Vote: Should we provide the SPO with root access today?
Yes: Exception, Cedric
No: LuckyLuke, Oli, Simon, Aaron
Abstain: Corvus
Vote: Should we provide the SPO with root access in two weeks?
Yes: Corvus, LuckyLuke, Oli, Aaron, Simon
No: Exception, Cedric
Oli: This would be probably take more time, at least an hour.
Vote: Should we give the SPO access with a limited accessed user?
Yes: Cedric,
No: Corvus, LukyLuke, Oli, Simon
Abstain: Aaron
5120 DMSF corvus Needs Work
5109 Migrate Redmine corvus Needs Work

5280 Inform ZH about server shutdown. New
As discussed above. What is the deadline for the shutdown. There is a discussion if it would be easier to migrate the current drupal or provide them with a static copy. Corvus will migrate the drupal.
5279 k_todo
Nobody nows what this address is for. We redirected it into the otrs-queue for now. We put it in the backlog and if we dont get any mails on it, we delete it.
5278 Request for VMs oschad k_todo
Working on it. It will access our central PostGreSQL.
5277 DI Member k_todo
There are members in the redmine that are not members of the workgroup anymore.
5224 Mumble : création d'un salon 'ch-open' k_todo
We need a mumble admin. Tuor will try to look into it with Exception.
5195 Mailingliste für Mitglieder / Sympathisanten in Zürich und Winterthur LukyLuke k_in_progress
Will do this next week for ZH and Winterthur.
5160 Memberservice ausbauen Exception Needs Work
Still needs some more work and the new machines.

5225 Request for pirate mail address k_todo
Simon: We could grant Tuor shell access to the mail server or i will work on integrating this functionality into the create-mailbox.php in the postfixadmin.
5210 Statistik k_todo
Lukas: I will try to contact Pascal Gloor.


Corvus: Will have to catch up with learning.
Exception: There is a lot to do. I am happy with the progress, but other things did not work out. The mailserver migration did knock out some services nowbody thought about. I worked on PiVote-Updates, fixing the mass mailer and working on the memberservice.
LuckyLuke: Did not have a lot of time this week. Will have to finish LDAP-migration be next week.
Oli: Had to fix a lot of issues last week. Nobody did know all the services and had to invest two days into fixing the issues. I will try to set up the mumble server next sunday. First priorities will be the email issues and the servers for Exception.
Tuor: Simon and I worked on the mail aliases and reviewed the Pflichtenheft. We could resolve some legacy problems. We documented the environment here:
Simon: Worked on the mail migration with oli. The mailboxes were migrated on saturday and sunday last week. Got a lot of support by oli. Thanks again.
Cedric: [offline at the moment]

Letzte Worte

LuckyLuke: Vielen Dank an Corvus.
Simon: Danke an alle und vielen Dank an Corvus für alles was Du geleistet hast.
Tuor: Vielen Dank an Corvus.
Corvus: Es war eine spannende Zeit. Werde Euch sicher auch an den PVs wieder sehen.
corvus: Allready remove my access to LDAP, OTRS and will do the same for the Hetzner environment by today.

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    Ende: 20:41 Uhr

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