AG DI Meeting vom 02.03.2014

Anwesende Mitglieder

  • Philipp Hug
  • Stefan Thöni
  • Simon Rupf
  • Gaël Marmillod

Entschuldigte Mitglieder

Nicht entschuldigt Mitglieder

  • Aaron Brülisauer
  • Oliver Schad

Sonstige Anwesende

  • Moira Brülisauer
  • Denis Simonet

Ort: Mumble
Leitung: Simon
Protokollant: Alle
Beginn: 19:00
Ende: 20:00
Nächstes Meeting: 09.03.2014





A new board was elected, I did already change the mail addresses. gl@ is deleted, p@ is redirected to vorstand@, vorstand@ was updated. We should ask the board to create a ticket with all other changes.


Changes regarding the board

There is a new board. We should ask them about what permissions regarding LDAP, MDB etc. need to be done by us.

New member of AG DI - Denis Simonet

Denis will create a ticket. We will vote at the next meeting.

Status of the DI

Discussion about when the meeting takes place. We decide that the leader sends an invitation on saturday if there are important topics.

If there are any new leader candidates, please post your candidaty in a ticket and we can discuss that.

Oliver is still a member of the DI, but has no privileges at the moment.

Also there is an issue with the mailing lists. They seem to be hooked up to LDAP and we don't have the access to the DI mailing list (Philipp will look into that).

Server location

Simon will send these options to the board.

Mumble Admins

da steht noch Oliver drin in der Willkomensmessage des Servers, dass er Admin sei.

a) ist das noch der Fall? Falls ja, gibt es noch eine Rechfertigung? Wenn die nicht gegeben ist werden sie ihm entzogen?
b) Wird die Message, falls nötig noch angepasst?

Jump Server

new users, please send SSH key to hug:

  • exception
  • tuor
  • jowi

Puppet Server

We still need to install the Puppet-Server from the backup.
Almost finished (hug)


We discuss the tickets.


Member list

We update our member list in projects.

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