AG DI Meeting vom 09. März 2014


  • SimonRupf
  • philipphug
  • Exception
  • jowi
  • Denis
  • Die's Man



  • Tuor

Other present parties

  • Moira
  • Kilian

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Beginn: 19:00


Information about the mails from Oli regarding the puppet setup

Oliver asked Simon & Philipp to delete the puppet setup because he claims intellectual property on the basic setup. We did not do that. He would allow Simon & Philipp access to it on infrastructure outside of the PPS. He fears that it falls into the hands of the Adfinis Sygroup AG.

Information about my resignation as leader of the DI

Simon: Board decision on last tuesday and the issue mentioned above.

Traktanden / Varia

Accept Denis as new member

Denis: I am willing to help in the workgroup. I can not attend all the meetings, but I can help with tasks. And I would like with the move. I am a software developer at Adfinis Sygroup and I know Linux. I know Python, C++, Java, Perl, but don't like Ruby ;-) .
Should we accept Denis as new member?

yes 7
no 0
abstain 0

Discuss what to do with the DI mailinglist

Should it have an open or closed membership, if closed, who can join?


Should it have an open or closed archive?

Only to subscribers.

What services are still broken, how can we fix them?

  • LDAP connector to mailman (Phil will take a look on it)
  • Postgres for finance (Simon will work on it after the backup)
  • Security updates: At the moment manually
  • Backup: Unclear, we need to fix it quickly, side note drbd setup is running out of space, create a new one in a new LV - Simon will take this as the next task
  • - Exception is already working on it / Die's man could help translating it
  • Chat / Forum Portalseite - We had to remove it from DNS, as the IP of stan got lost. Phil fixes it, we found the IP. We need a new VM to move it to our new servers.
    The jump host does now use named users and we can relativly easily create give root access only to certain nodes, but we need to move to named users on all nodes eventually.

New members

We need more members that have Linux know how. Please ask them.

Letzte Worte

Denis & Exception will be missing next week.

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