.h1. AG DI Meeting vom 16. März 2014

  • Tuor
  • jowi
  • Die's Man
  • Exception
  • Denis
  • philipphug
  • SimonRupf
Other present parties
  • Kilian

Ort: Mumble
Leitung: Tuor
Protokollant: jowi
Beginn: 19:00


Does anybody heart from Simon or Philipp? Philipp mostly can't join the meeting on Sunday. Nobody heard from Simon.

It doesn't make any sense to dicuss the tickets from Simon and Philipp if they aren't here, so we'll skip them.


6086 [Meta] Migration von Hetzner New
AFAIK Exeption is working on it.

6296 MLs aufräumen New
Who has access to the ML-interface? Die's Man will aks Philipp for access and it have to be descussed with the Vorstand.

6274 DI-Beitritt New
Was discussed last week.

6252 Mailingliste fuer den Needs Work
ML-access needed. Seems just like a nice to have for the Vorstand, so it's not urgent.

6236 Performance OTRS Needs Work
Nobody has access.

6265 Security-/System-Updates New
Philipp is not here, we discuss this next week.

6152 mailboxgroessen domainlimits tuor k_in_progress
Tuor has to discuss this with Philipp.

6133 Renumber DMZ IP Range New
We'll discusse this next week.

6295 Replace with alias to philhug New
Die's Man could take this, he maight aks Philipp if this would be ok.

6096 Hinweis auf Akzeptanz der Forenregeln bei Registrierung New
Has someone access to the forum? Jowi had access, but lost his privileges since the server migration. He'll contanct Simon or Philipp about that.

6082 SSL-GoDaddy kündigen New
We have to make sure that the bill is payed and the adress should be changed.

6042 Fix Pirate Times feed on message board portal New
Becomes obsolete with the new Wordpress site.

5278 Request for VMs oschad k_todo
Exeption is not here.

Letzte Worte

Die's Man asked what OS we are using. It's Cent OS. He may propose a solution for the backup problem.

Kilian asked for our wishes and requirement for the ag leader. We discussed shortly the fact, that we haven't a specified task from the management at the moment.

Tuor remind that we should use the IRC channel for comunication. Jowi asked for the port number and it turns out, that SSL is not working.

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23. März 2014 19 Uhr im Mumble

Ende: 19:58 Uhr

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