AG DI Meeting vom 23. März 2014

  • Tuor
  • jowi
  • Die's Man
  • philipphug
  • SimonRupf
  • Exception
  • Denis

Other present parties

Ort: Mumble
Leitung: Tuor
Protokollant: jowi
Beginn: 19:00

Last meeting we couldn't talk about everx ticket because we haven't access to every vm.


5972 Zugang (winterthur.) und Upload-Size Simon Rupf Needs Work
We skip this.

6318 Texte MDB anpassen Exception New
Exception is working on it.

6151 Still missing services after migration philhug Needs Work
All services are running again.

6086 [Meta] Migration von Hetzner New
Still a lot of bugs, but nothing important.

5921 Hosting für Programmseite Simon Rupf Needs Work
Simon and Exception will discuss this in a RL-Meeting

6296 MLs aufräumen die's man Needs Work
Die's man need still access, but he already checked the usage of the ML.

6225 "Passwort vergessen?" auf Login-Seite gibt einen 404 Abnaxos Needs Feedback
Die's man will fix the link in Drupal.
jowi will fix the link in the forum.

6252 Mailingliste fuer den Needs Work
We can close this.

6320 DMSF-Multi-Download geht nicht New
philipp will take it.

???? Mail adress request
tuor will take it.

6082 SSL-GoDaddy kündigen tuor k_in_progress
It's paid for 5 years by Christian, but we should use our own certificate when we migrate the sevices.

6312 IRC mit TLS philhug New
IRC is not running on our severs, so we need to consider which port is used.

6096 Hinweis auf Akzeptanz der Forenregeln bei Registrierung jowi New
jowi will fix this as far as he has access.

6291 VMs auf 100% CPU philhug New
philhug will check this.

6264 Backup-Loesung am neuen Standort Simon Rupf Needs Work
Simon is working on it.

6266 Postgres-Server fuer Buchhaltung Simon Rupf Needs Work
We skip this.

6236 Performance OTRS Needs Work
Simon already posted a solution, phiipp will fix this.

6265 Security-/System-Updates New
We should skip this until Simon is back.

6156 Puppet Host reaktivieren philhug New
Philipp is working on it.

6152 mailboxgroessen domainlimits tuor k_in_progress
We have enough space on the disk, but we need to move some services to get more space for the mailboxes.

6133 Renumber DMZ IP Range New
We're still using the old IP range from automatic server ag. We need to renumber to the IP range at our new location.

6074 Mixed Content: coda-slider; Fremdsprachige Domains Simon Rupf New
SImon already fixed this on the german site. Philipp could also do it, but he needs access to Drupal.

5998 nginx/keepalive: new ip for TLS with SNI philhug New

5550 Subdomains Sektion beider Basel falsche Zuweisung philhug Needs Work
Basel is not active at the moment, so it's not trivial.

5278 Request for VMs oschad k_todo
We can close this.

5924 Update CAS Simon Rupf Needs Work

5646 TLS für philhug k_todo
6293 pfsense should use virtio New
5995 Remove/encrypt sensitive data from puppet repository philhug New
The last few tickets are not trivial.

Letzte Worte
An update for SMF is aviable.

It would be good if we are more people in the ag di.

We should discuss not every ticket. It would be better if we see which tickets needs to discuss and make a review of all tickets monthly.

  • Nächste Sitzung:
    31. März 2014 19 Uhr im Mumble

Ende: 20:31 Uhr

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