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additional hosting for VD section

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11 April 2011
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In order to optimize our work and centralize our data, we chose to use a FengOffice platform (

As it is highly likely to contain some level of private data (linked or not to our members), we feel it would be best hosted on PPS servers.

If possible, how shall we proceed ? Could you set up a web hosting with sub-domain "" where we'll set up the solution ourselves, or is this unrealistic due to security constraints ?

FYI, the "high priority" in this request is the answer. The setup itself is not that urgent, if answered positively, I just need to determine if we go for a temporary or permanent solution on our side.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Gaël Marmillod

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Updated by diesman about 10 years ago

I was advised that this should rather have been filed under "motion" rather than "support". Can it be moved, or shall I create a new one ?

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Updated by Vanadis about 10 years ago

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Hi Gaël

We are not going to install FengOffice on our servers for two main reasons.
1. It's a commercial software, we don't want to waste money on software.
2. Your Ticket is for VD only, a collaboration tool should be working for all sections, we're currently working on a new solution,
until then, please use OTRS or Redmine.

Best regards

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Updated by diesman about 10 years ago

Hi Vanadis,

Thanks for your update.

Allow me a bit of feedback to provide some details and clarifications.

We were of course aiming at the Community version of FengOffice, which is free and open source (haven't spent time to dig the details of the license used). I don't know exactly what you regroup behind "commercial software", does it mean "pretty much any code some people try to live around" ? The site I pointed actually offers the downoads for the solution, and some hosting services to make a few bucks off this open source platform. Not sure I understand your 1. reason based on this.

We asked this for VD, but it could of course be expanded for every section, and also the PPS itself. Actually, inside FengOffice, things can be managed and segmented around multiple companies, with a "main one" defined on install. It could well be applied to our structure, with PPS at the "core", and PPVD, PPZH, PPBE, etc.. around. My two cents for point 2. ;-)

Anyway, the main goal was to get an answer, so the "No" is noted, and we'll move on accordingly. I'll simply leave the current install where it is, spend a few more efforts on securing it a bit, and voodoo will (hopefully) take care of the rest.

Thanks for your OTRS and Redmine suggestions anyway, but unfortunately, they're not what we need.

Best regards,


PS: was there any meeting I should have attended to to defend this motion ? If so, I'll welcome any information on it. We're in the process to pass on information on how to access/initiate/request stuff properly for other french-speaking sections.


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