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15 May 2011
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We (guys from the VD board) have been wandering for a bit in the OTRS user interface, discovering possibilities, doing tests, etc..

Still, as of today, the most desired and most researched function, "Reply", still eludes us. After searching a bit, reading some documentation, and talking to someone from AG DI, it would seem that for once, the problem might reside in the configuration, and not the users.

Because no matter the angle, the most logical way to answer a request/ticket/email seems to use the drop-down list labeled "Reply", like the "Move" that lists all available queues for a transfer. But in our case, ticket locked or not to a particular user, this list remains empty (see screenshot).

Is this just due to our blunt stupidity, or is there indeed something to be corrected ?

We'd mainly like to be able to reply using info aT vd_dot_partipirate_punkt_ch , and not just otrs@localhost like done when forwarding a request.

Thanks in advance and best regards,



OTRS.png (2.04 KB) OTRS.png Reply drop-down empty list diesman, 15 May 2011 13:07

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Sorry, I have no idea whatsoever about OTRS and I'm actually a little scared of it :)

I'm reassigning this one to Vanadis, he's the lead of DI and should know what to do with the ticket.



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Sorry for the trouble. There was a missconfiguration. But i fixed it and you can now select the default entry in the Reply menu.

As for the mail address I am not sure which address OTRS uses to send its e-mails. Please try it and give me some feedback.

Greetings corvus.


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Tested it, we now have a default reply option. Unfortunately, the "sender" address when replying from OTRS is "OTRS System <otrs@localhost>", which will prevent anyone from replying unless they manually change it. This is also the "sender" address when using other functions, like "Transfer".

For the system to be usable, we'd really need our"info@..." section email to be the "sender", or at least be the "reply-to" address. Can this be configured ?

Best regards,



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That is odd. The default behavior is what you are asking for. So I have to take a look what is wrong which will happen either on sunday or monday.


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A quick update to let you know that, taking advantage of a meeting, the problem has been solved with the help of the vice-president.

It was a setting in the PPVD queue, named "System email address" or something alike, that had to be changed to "OTRS system" to the info@vd... email.

The ticket can of course be closed as it is now solved.

Thanks and best regards,



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That is good to hear.

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