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Budget 2013 national

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06 October 2012
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10 October 2012
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Mail von Lukas bezüglich Budget 2013 beantworten.

Ahoi Treasurer!

As noted in the previous Mail, it's possible that the financial regulation is
not getting approved on the assembly on the 11. November 2012

For this case, I have to define a second Budget!
To create this I have to know:

  • Do you need any financal support next year for elections?
  • Do you need any wimple for rent from the PPS
  • Do you need others?
  • Have you planned any other events or something where you need support?
  • Do you need any Flyer, etc.?

Please tell me all financial support and assets you need for 2013 till next
week the 10. of October 2012.

Sorry for the short amount of time...

NB: The Managenment decided, that sections hase to buy flyers by themself but
the can order them through the PPS.

NB2: You will be able to lend or lease things like wimples and others from the
PPS. But we need to know what you need to calculate how much we have to raise.

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Aus meiner Sicht (wie Martin im Mail schon geschrieben hat) benötigen wir nichts von der nationalen Partei.

Sie sollen aber auf jeden Fall allgemeine Flyer besorgen, damit wir die im nächsten Jahr von ihnen kaufen können.

Bitte hier im Ticket kommentieren ob ihr einverstanden seid, dann kann Martin das bis spätestens 10.10. beantworten.

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Updated by Schildi almost 12 years ago

Sehe ich auch so, ausser den allg. Flyern benötigen wir nichts.

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Entscheid, dass wir keine Mittel benötigen Lukas mitgeteilt.

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