Meeting Log 21.12.2009 - 20:00 / mumble

Present: Apophis, Exception, Simon Rupf, cockroach, dergringo

Excused: Vanadis, gwrtheyrn, quiqum

Lead meeting: dergringo

Log writer: dergringo


  • Upcoming Project: Mailinglists
  • Redesign Website/Wiki/Forum
  • Status Reports: Root-Server, E-Voting, Member DB,
  • Wiki usability (how to improve)


  • cockroach takes this issue and will get in touch with Michael Vogel from the Syncom project (
  • All members agreed on creating a test mailing list


  • Deadline: 31.12.09
  • dergringo, Simon Rupf, Convex (Design only) and Apophis will work on the Drupal theme (stage)
  • Simon Rupf and Convex (Design only) will work on the phpBB theme
  • dergringo and Convex (Design only) will work on the wiki theme

Status Reports


bc. The list of proposed servers can be found here: []( -> the "Vorstand" has to decide now.


bc. Currently holds due to lack of C++ specific know-how. Simon Rupf will write a wiki article about what exactly is needed. We will then try to find someone who can accomplish the task.

Member DB

bc. Even Nyuu, the leader of the AG Organization, doesn't know anything about this project. He will gather the information and then pass it to us.

bc. The Domain has finally been transfered to the Switch account of the PPS. There are still some modifications we need to do (.htaccess and stuff).

Wiki usability

  • To handle the claims by some users regarding the mediawiki syntax, dergringo will install a WYSIWG-Editor.
  • Exception suggested to create an additional navigation box beneath the toolbox offering popular quicklinks like AGs and Vorstand.


Next Meeting: Sunday, 10.01.10 / 20:00 / NEW Mumble Server

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