AG DI Meeting vom 17. Februar 2013

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  • LukyLuke
  • oschad
  • SimonRupf
  • mutand13
  • Die's Man


  • Vanadis

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Ort: Mumble
Beginn: 19:02




Fein-Abstimmung zur PV:

  • Wie ist der Status bezüglich Server und d7?
  • No big news for d7, only a demo for the General Assembly
  • Ruby VM Script zum erstellen von VMs
  • Not much progress on the server

Reservation of 10 minutes on sunday, thomas will coordinate with moira and oli

  • Status Wildcard Zertifikate

alle erhalten

Feature #4603 - Register - Adapt descriptions for food

Bug #4598 funktioniert nicht

Motion #4577 Consider to install a global sticky thread plugin

Lukas can decide when and how, we don't have a problem with it. you can solve it bilaterly, you have to OK of AG DI.

Feature #4562 Aktuar der Sektion kann Mitglieder nicht austreten lassen

Motion #4609 Abschaltung IRC Bouncer

Motion #4479 Auflösung unserer CA

  • 2 yes
  • 1 no
  • 7 abstentions

Motion #4445 Archivierung von Alten Seiten

aktuell: und wahlkampfplatform 2011, (evtl. altes wiki)

Feature #4262 Datawarehouse

Bug #4155 Quota Exceeded

no feedback so far
if they use IMAP -> 500MB

  • Wie weiter mit dem Ticket?

file ticket in the sections


Varia : Newcomer Issues

A quick hello as a newcommer on this ML, looking forward to help as much as I can with interactions, requests, etc... coming from our french-speaking sections and users/members.
Some of you probably dealt with requests from me in the past (Die's Man), hopefully that will happen much less now !
Anyway, beeing confronted to the yearly board members update for Vaud (am still president), I thought this would be a good opportunity to list what I'd find useful to be able to help manage/administer:

  • OTRS
  • emails (mailbox and aliases-related tasks)
  • Mumble
  • Redmine

optionally, beeing able to access section site hostings could also prove useful someday.

Varia : Unfriendly User

Strafanzeige gegen Mumble User beantragt


  • Nächste Sitzung: 3. März 19:00

Ende: 19:04Uhr

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