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Motion #4850
Ariel sent a message using the contact form at
Dear Pirates,
My name is Ariel and I'm one of the ~40 founding members of the Partido de la
Red (no public website available, yet!). We're an emerging political party
from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We will go public in a few months, to partake
in October's legislative elections for the City of Buenos Aires.
While we're not strictly a local branch of the Pirate Party, we do share some
of the principles of your Liquid Feedback system, as well as the values that
derive from it. We're currently in the process of building our own software
and would be delighted to get some advice on which voting rules were
essential for achieving a balanced voting system.
I was wondering if you or any of your party members would be willing to share
the debates that you might have had over which rules the voting system should
follow (whether the vote is secret, how to manage feedback when drafting
proposals, etc.), as well as which are the pros and cons of each of them.
We understand that parties like yours have already traveled down this daring
road, and we would be rather grateful for your input as we position ourselves
as a political alternative in Buenos Aires.
In case any of you is available to have this conversation, I will get back to
you with a detailed set of questions.
Thank your for your taking the time to read this.
Much appreciated!
Zurück an den Absender. Wir kennen Liquid Feedback nicht.

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