AG DI Meeting vom 14. April 2013

Anwesende Mitglieder

  • Corvus
  • die's man
  • Exception
  • LukyLuke
  • mutand13
  • Odi
  • oschad
  • SimonRupf
  • Tuor

Entschuldigte Mitglieder

  • Vanadis
  • Tuor

Nicht entschuldigte Mitglieder

  • Odi
  • die's man

Sonstige Anwesende

  • Cjeanneret

Ort: Mumble
Protokollant: corvus
Beginn: 19:00


  • Corvus: Beautiful weather today. Meaning I am not finished with migrating all the sites as planed. The section site are by now except the Aargau and Bern for they need DNS configurations which I do not have access.
  • Exception: LDAP for City ZH created as well as Pivote Groups for central switzerland and Vallais.
  • LukyLuke: Did some mailing lists, still working on financial stuff. Planing to finish LDAP next week.
  • mutand13: Have internet again will go on with work on Etherpad Redmine Plugin.
  • oschad: Contacted Kai and got an answer. He will take a timeout but want to be part of the DI. Created a management vm (phpMyAdmin and stuff). Only reachable through VPN. Expanded the IP range (32 now available). The cratevm script can now work with profiles defined in cobbler.
  • SimonRupf: Only managed to take care about few mail related issues. Need to lie down because of my leg and couldn't do anything.

Traktanden / Varia

Interview with Cjeanneret

Cjeanneret applied for the SPO. The DI did an interview with him in order to give a statement the board.

Do we suggest Cjeanneret as SPO to the the baord?
Yes: Corvus, Exception, oschad, SimonRupf.
No: –
Abstain: –



5024        Needs Work        Anpassung Email-Verteiler 
Assign to SimonRupf.


5062        New        Update distribution list 
Assign to SimonRupf.
5045        New        Redmine - Tracker ändern
corvus: Will take a look at it.
5025        Needs Work        Consider adding graphic organigram with links
5018        Needs Work        LDAP für Stadt Zürich einrichten
Should be finished.
5005        Needs Feedback        LDAP-Struktur und Webseite für die Stadtsektion Zürich einrichten
Close for all child issues are done.
4984        k_in_progress         Mailliste
Waiting for awnser from the issue author. Not possible to creat lists for other domains thatn lists.pp.
4929        Needs Work        Zugriff LDAP & OTRS von N8mahr sperren
Move to Geschäftsleitung. Assign to Akallabeth.
4857        k_todo        Redmine aktualisiert die git Berechtigungen nicht mehr.
oshad: Do not have an update on it.
4728        k_in_progress        Host group für v-server
oshad: Done by now. Host created and seems to work.


  • Corvus: Will catch up with the remaining sites during the week. Start thinking about Redmine migration.

Feedback on Redmine integrated services:
Git can be decoupled, DMSF is core feature and heavily used, PDF genereration is also heavily used.

SimonRupf: Will not attend the DI meeting the next two weeks.

  • Nächste Sitzung: 21. April 19:00

Ende: 19:36 Uhr

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